This introduced section of Uz. Hajibeyov’s e-book “Principles of Azerbaijani folk music” is an open information system. It is continuously updated and supplemented from the database of Baku Musical Academy “Musician’s e-library”. In no way it violates the structure of the original. On the contrary, it would allow introducing innovative informational technologies of high quality. It would initiate creation of new informational products. It should broaden informational visualization and infrastructure of native musical science, education, and culture.

Essential task of submitted web page is to elaborate new technique of musical didactics allowing Internet users to study archive material at sound level of the real time. It would link a user with fragments of soniferous material or any segment of text notation. Moreover, it could provide further applying of modern e--technologies while distance learning of music in total. The book is devoted to construction of modes of Azerbaijani folk music. Theoretical material of this book used in practice, identifies these requirements to develop methodical system of sound recording body.

E-book musical illustration submitted in MP3 format shows coloured world of Azerbaijani music and diversity of its genres: folk songs, dances, mugams, and works of Azerbaijan composers. Each of these genres is related to the key characteristics of Azerbaijani folk music modes:












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