Avazat is six dastgahs, which exist in Azerbaijan music in addition to the main modes (mugams).

Dastgah is a mode with all its sections and branches.

Daf is a tambourine.

Diringa is an instrumental interlude, very lively like dance music played to evoke contrast between the sections of a mode.

Gaval = daf.

Kamancha is a stringed bow instrument.

Khananda is a singer.

Maye tonic.

Mugam (mugam) is a mode, an instrumental or vocal-instrumental composition with a number of sections having the same name. It is performed by a khananda with a daf accompanied by men playing in tar and kamancha. The texts of vocal parties consist of gazals - a poetic genre of classic and contemporary poets.

Rangh = diringa.

Tar is a national pizzicato instrument played with a mediator.

Tasnif is a popular song sung between the sections of a mugam. Texts of tasnifs mostly consist of gazals. They are often substituted by folk songs.



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